Thank You For Caring!

2013 was a great year for us. Your donations of socks, toiletries, food, and money made it possible to send many “care packs” to our troops serving in harms way. Since lots of our troops are on their way home, we found an additional avenue to reach our men and women who are serving and have served our country.


Every week we read about and see our wounded warriors as they return home.  Some have noticeable wounds, but many have unseen wounds.  We are making “care packs” and taking them to our troops in the Thomas E. Creek Veterans Hospital.  Some of these men and women have no family in the Amarillo area and need to know that someone cares about them.  That’s what Socks for Soldiers is all about.  There also are the walk-in homeless veterans who receive medical care through the VA hospital.  Many are ill equipped for our winter weather.  The hospital has a clothing room and tries to keep warm coats, shoes, and other clothing for them. 


If you have extra coats, in good condition, or other warm clothing they would be very pleased to receive it.  Just take it to the front desk and say it’s for the clothing room. 


Carolyn and Doug Miller


Thank You Amarillo & Beyond!

Thank you Amarillo and beyond for your generosity to SOCKS FOR SOLDIERS. You are making it possible for us to reach beyond our troops in Afghanistan and other places of danger.  Our message, WE CARE ABOUT YOU, is being extended to our troops and veterans in the VA hospital and Ussery-Roan Nursing Home for Veterans.  The young men and women in the PTSD and Mental Health facilities will be receiving “care packs” because YOU CARE. Do you know someone in harms way who need to know that we care?


Please let us know.


We are blessed to live among people who care about other people.

Doug and Carolyn Miller - Oct. 2013


Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of our veterans!

For 8 years the people in the Texas Panhandle and beyond have supported Sock for Soldiers. During that time we've reached 50,000+ troops in the war zones. They have felt our caring touch by way of "care packs" of socks, toiletries, snacks and more. Many have written back amazed that people they don't even know care about them. They all want to say THANK YOU!


Now many are home. Some come back with both physical and emotional disabilities. They find that doors are sometimes slow to open and again wonder if anyone cares. These young VETERANS join a very large number of veterans from earlier wars and conflicts who need to know that we care. Large numbers find themselves without families to lean on and are homeless or living in shelters.


A curve in the Socks for Soldiers path is leading us to provide "care packs" for veterans in the VA hospital. These packs will be much like the ones we send overseas, 2 pair white socks, hand wipes, lip balm, foot powder, lotion, baby wipes, beef jerky, snack foods and more. We will also be collecting men's warm clothing and shoes for the homeless veterans. Household items (towels, sheets, kitchen items) are needed for those veterans leaving a shelter and going into housing. These will be dispersed by the VA program for homeless veterans.


Your donations can be delivered to the VA hospital, designating them for the homeless veterans. There will be some paper work asking you to itemize your donation or call us at 352-7899 and we may be able to help you deliver them. We will continue to send to our troops in harm's way.


Tax deductible monetary donations can be sent to:
Socks for Soldiers
Box 20147
Amarillo, TX 79114-0147


Carolyn & Doug Miller, Socks for Soldiers