July 4th 2012

The fourth day of July was a very special day for those of us who live in the United States of America. We celebrated with parades, flags and fireworks. It was a reminder again this year that “our kids” are in harms way in Afghanistan. As we were watching the beautiful fireworks, they were watching for IEDs, rocket propelled grenades and enemy fire. They are constantly aware that what they are experiencing may keep you and me from being in harms way. Their bodies were in Afghanistan, but many of their thoughts were of their children and families enjoying the holiday and wishing they were all together.


Our troops can’t be home right now, but we can send a little of home to them. For the past seven years, you have given SOCKS FOR SOLDIERS the opportunity to send “care packs” of socks, toiletries and food to more than 56,000 troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. THANK YOU! They need to know we care. PLEASE SEND US NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF TROOPS IN AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ OR OTHER PLACES OF DANGER. Reach us at socks4soldiers@suddenlink.net or www.socksforsoldiersamarillo.com/. We will shower them with TLC from the Panhandle of Texas.


Carolyn Price Miller
Pres. Socks for Soldiers
5205 Zelma St.
Amarillo, TX. 79109
(806) 352-7899