Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your support and love!!! Attached to this letter is a photo of our troops expressing their gratitude to your contributions and another of me just acting silly!!! We still have a few months left, but the hot temperatures are coming fast! If you have the time and means to contribute to our cause out here, we are requesting the following items below to get us through the 100 degree plus temperatures. Otherwise, please just keep us in your prayers. Please do not send us anything after May 7th though. Since the mail is so slow here, we have to stop our mail far in advance before we leave. Anything we do not use, we will pass on to the next battalion (NMCB 4), who will be releaving us. They are spending the entire summer here, which will be hot.


Thank you & May God Bless you!
Chaplain Rick Tiff


I received the package about less than a week ago…. It was kind of a surprise when a got the package cause I wasn’t expecting … Anyway it’s a blessing though cause I need the socks cause I wasn’t able to bring enough and the goods that came along with it was awesome… I myself was in awe

I like the beanie.. Thank you… It so cold here that another beanie would supplement what I needed. The other morning it was at 22 degrees here.. Like what my buddy said when he saw the package “Wow that’s good while most people are sending some envelopes you guys did actually send something to write with.. awesome”

By the way my wife sends her thanks too…

Well again thank you so much for your untiring support for the troops!


I’m sure you will….

Thank you so much….

-Melborne Arce (Afghanistan)


Dear Doug and Carolyn Miller

I wanted to attempt to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to you for your support to the men and women of the 866th Air Expeditionary Squadron. The care packages you sent went like hot cakes and they were very much appreciated by all who received them.

-Leslie Jackson (Afghanistan)


Doug and Carolyn,

Thank you both very much for the care packages, it means a lot to us out here in Eastern Afghanistan. May God bless you both.
- John Trimble


Dear Doug and Carolyn,

Thank you so much for the packages that you sent to us labeled for PFC Hollar, Timmie D. , I am that soldier. When I got to the office today they told me that there were several large boxes with my name on them and they had labels on them from Amarillo, TX. I am from Fritch just about 37 miles north on Hwy 136, by Lake Meridith. I still am not sure who gave you my APO address, but we certainly appreciate the sharing and the care that went into each and every package. I know that a lot of people contributed, too many to properly express our gratitude to. We would like to thank all who did help with these wonderful packages for the Soldiers. We also received some "care packs" from Bryan Webb and "STAY" the youth group from ST. Thomas Catholic Church. We would like for you to pass this message along to them as well, thanking them for the hard work, time, and money that I know was put into each and every package, and for the kind words on the notes from the people who helped with this project. I remember seeing many times on the news terms like "Spirit of the Panhandle" and "Pride of the Plains"....as a Soldier on the receiving end of these goods, I can honestly say with great pride that Amarillo and the people of the surrounding cities, are certainly true to their word...

In closing I would like to let you know that today I talked with the Chaplain, and he said that we will be able to take the excess items to him and he will be able to distribute them to any and all who need them... Thanks again for everything, and especially for the support to our troops...you are an amazing group of people and we really are grateful for your kindness and generosity...

God bless you!

- PFC Hollar


Mr. and Mrs. Miller,

On behalf of the Soldiers of Fox Company, 2nd Squadron, 2nd Calvary Regiment I would like to send you our thanks for the extremely thoughtful care package. It has seemed though over the years you have perfected the art of creating a well thought out and extremely useful care pack. It did not take long for the Soldiers to empty the contents.

Thank you again for the great effort you make in donating your time and your money for a truly great cause. Your efforts definitely boost the morale of the Soldiers here and It’s heartwarming to know so many people are at home thinking of us and taking hours out of their days to show us that.

May God bless you!

- Ryan Rivers (Fox Company Battle NCO)



I just wanted to write and thank you for your donations to the local Afghan Children’s Medical Clinic. I work on an Afghan Commando training base with a small coalition force that trains them. There is a free medical clinic that the local villages utilize on this base for free medical care. It’s a good will effort and part of the counterinsurgency (COIN) in this area. We received some amazing jackets and cold weather gear from your organization and I really appreciate you efforts. My goal was to get 2000 lbs of donations during my 6 months here and due to generous Marines, family, friends, and organizations – I was able to achieve 4000 lbs of donations for the children. My 6 month tour has come to an end, but I have been replaced by another friend an Marine who will be here until July 2011. I will rotate out of here tomorrow – my 6 month tour is over.

 I received a card form Doug and Carolyn Miller and wanted to ensure I let you know that all packages were received and very appreciative children will be nice and warm due to your generosity!

Thank you,
-Cameron Evans (Afghanistan)


Your efforts have made our lives here, amid this war, a little better and our hearts a little warmer.

-Sgt. Fore (Iraq)


It never ceases to amaze me how average everyday people take a notion and can then accomplish something as touching as what you've done. I'm guessing you knew you were sending packages out to FOB Shank in Afghanistan, but you can't imagine how it makes folks out here feel to get something from "home".

-Maj. Hyman (Afghanistan)


Thank you so much for the care packages. I was able to pass them out to the whole 38th EOD company and everyone sends their thank yous and truly appreciates the time and effort you two put into them. I also want to thank you both for the amazing support you show for all of us troops overseas. What you are doing to help us is truly amazing. I've attatched a picture of our unit with this email to help put faces to those thank yous. Again, we are all so grateful. Take care.



From all of the Marines here at Kandahar, Afghanistan would like to thank you for the time, patience and money that you have put in to see that we are taken care of. I can't begin to tell you how mail from home can stimulate and boost our moreale whil over here. Everything that you guys sent went by quick. e have a room in our building that is dedicated to the wounded warrior...A.K.A. the Marines that get blown up they come here to wait to see the doctor at our hospital. After evaluation they either go home or they RTU(return to unit). Seeing their face as they opened up the boxes full of goodies and other things was priceless. Again I would like to thank you for helping us in our time of need making allthings good while we are here fighting this war.



Hi my name is Daniel Simmons I am in NMCB 22 and we are currently in Afghanistan. I recieved 6 Core boxes from Socks for Soldiers on the 27th. I just wanted to thank you on the behalf of NMCB 22. I sat the open boxes on a table for every one and I wish you coul have seen the faces I did save 2 boxes which I pland on carring to a F.O.B(forward operating base) to my fellow seabees who have been off the grid for about a month now with no mail or supplies. I hear toilet paper is real hard to get out there
NMCB 22 is from Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico area. I am actually from Arlington, Tx not too far form the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

As a token of my appreciation I would like you to have this coin
-Daniel Simmons(Afghanistan)